The sound that transmits


It’s time to go outside.
Something seems to happen when it warms up,
and the days get longer,
and the sun shines brighter,
and the sky gets lighter.
Sound movers in a different way - cutting through the air.
Heated up and delivered warm.
And then it smells.
Smells like the air that carrys the sound that transmits the stimulus to the ears.
The ears That hear a combination of iterations of something elses…

So what can a combination of phonetic symbols say about tonight?

I can’t really guess what the talk is about but I know the way a bus’s engine sounds.
And then there’s the wheels.
The black squishy tires.
Rotating round and round.

Never leaving, always recieving

a touch of the ground.

And if all these sounds could be measured in pounds.
All the verbs, synonyms, and nouns, then a mighty big weight would be plopped on my plate, and would’nt that be…
Like a pile of noodles to stir round and around, to spend some more time pronouncing some sound. I look out the window and all besides me are people just walking through town. making at each other, making chitter and chatter. Constantly shifting around.
—— they’re out there right, and they’re with me in here - and were all making some sort of sound. a little kid eats flaming hot cheetos.
—— Trance Techno comes off his head. she opens her phone, clicks on the keypad. That weirdo is starting to groan. A window up there holds a couple in bed, and down here we laugh at their moans. The laughter gets louder and goes through the people all lined up to get to downtown.
Once I get there, I adjust my hair and head down a certain side street.
—— The cats they meow.
The cans, they do clink.
Fish skeletons laying there,
My god do they stink.
A crow flaps on down, gets one in it’s beak.
I go into Subway’s and turn on the sink.
I get to the bar and order a drink…


more chitter and chatter gets me on the brink of sounding out -
out and about after the effects of a couple of drinks.
I walk down the sidewalk - and I hear someone talk.
But wait, wait, are they talking to me???
Adjusting my glasses, and turning my head -
My god it’s some sort of freak!
IT’S COMING CLOSER And looking much grosser,
it’s skin all slimy and green,
A strange kind of luster,
Almost looks like some custard that sat to long on the,
Pee-U it is stinky like an old pair of sneakies All sweat and soiled and green -
This thing it is green and certainly mean and I’m getting out of this scene!!!


GET BACK on the road,
Get control of this load.
of things that weighing me down.
Get back on the craft,
The proverbial raft that gets me to my side of town.
Again looking out.
Out there all around there’s movement that’s happening all over the ground.
But the low engine roar
and the sight of a whore
the omnipotent sound - of a bell ringing clear.
A drone closing near.
A circular discharge -

Centrifical recharge.

Looking back through the scratched window pane at childern that play while some dude rants insane.
A bbq whiff -
A tasty sniff.
A possible ride down the sea wouldn’t be oh so bad for me.
Some feet in the sand.
A gurgle of foam.
A sprinkler is spewing it’s spray on a gnome.
A gnome comes alive and play acoustic,
A cheery chant. I’m on a rat meeeow says a cat… I’m skating to scat. Now stomp up the stairs, open the lock.
Kick back in my chair and cast out all my cares.

Its all on repeat.

At variable speeds.
New things come and go.
more people you know.
But the chair always stays in it’s place.
So nice to sit in and make a world be in.
And open the door and then SLAM!
We’re outside.

It’s all over again.