1. “Ma ma ma”

Inbetween You
Inbetween Me
Into You
Into Me
— Ma Ma Ma
Mama Mama

The Space Between
Between you and Me
Flows the Extasy
Through our DMZ

Ma Ma Ma
Oh Hot Mama

Bridge the Gap
The Gap Between
You + Me

Seal Tight and Open Up Im Inside of You So Much to See.

  1. “San Juan”

San Juan
Wale orgy sex
Humpback bordello
— Pot bellied pig
Pig motherfucker go back to Hawaii Bitch.

  1. “Nausea’s Sending”

Nausea Sending
Cock Blocker
& How do you communicate the air that passes through the tyres of the Nite.

  1. “Vacuumed tyme”

Time opens up / Vacuum in time /
Tautological / Circular slide.
Can’t sleep at night
Cold sweat
Leaching Neon LIGHT.
I’m empty
1st base / second place
Round & Round