The story of Harvest Moon Snake

The narrator recites

Dwelling in it's cavern under the Hollywood sign the Moon shines large and orange tonight. It pauses on it's trajectory for an indefinite span of time as the moon crystalizes and turns to glass.

A low flying object blows up the canyon, ricochets off the brush, starting fires, and shoots straight though the glass moon. A million crystal shards fall towards the ground and magnetize toward the snake – as it glides from it's dwelling, foot by foot, to a thousand feet long – it wraps and curls around the Hollywood sign.

A million crystal moon shards adhere to the snake's scales – if you can see powdered iron bristling around a magnet, and then the lapse stops. Within a few seconds another crystal white moon shoots to center sky.

The moon center sky brings the snake out. It slithers down through the hills and small valleys, crossing paths with coyotes and bobcats, runs through their legs and grows in size as it slowly glides down the boulevard – repelling all the busses, the cars, the pedestrians in it's way as the light light refracts off it's scales. A white light blinds the city. The city pauses as the snake retracts in size to navigate the gutters. It inserts itself into a discarded syringe – it lays to rest – it's white light glowing through the spiked tube.


The Serpent and the Devil

The China Cymbal crashes / The Guitar wails – The Bongos BEAT

& We glide into the "Land of Milk & Honey"

A Hawk circles the sky to the sounds of wind through the dry grasslands, Shakers and otherworldly electronic sounds enter /

We land in the parking lot of the Hollywood & Vine Greyhound station.

The sounds of BASS, "Urban Trax" - Future FUNK.


Turns into headless space / The zombie lifts it's head from it's body and propels it towards the cosmos.

"Besides Track"

The Acoustic guitar is sparse – a melodic harmony with electronic flow.

We end with the crash of the china cymbal - reference chinese parades.

The Land of Milk & Honey pt.II


ACT 1: Snakeman Show, a tango with the devil.

ACT 2: Welcome to the land of milk and honey.

ACT 3: A presentation in 3 parts.

Scene 1: The Harvest Moon sheds it's scales towards Snakeman.

Scene 2: Coming & Going in Hollywood.

Scene 3: A Head Propelled into Space.

Act 4: We enter the grand finale in the Land of Milk & Honey.

Act 5: We leave with Hollywood.

He finds that he is bored with his hometown, wants to go beyond. A bus comes into town. Small with a destination to Hollywood & Cahuenga. The ride is long as it passes through different landscapes. He arrives and gets off the bus to find a room. Searching – Sleeping where? A room is found, small & dirty / trying and truing to get ahead – a head / right?

The head gets cloudy over time.

Walking and falling apart.

Talking in turrets vernacular, a realized dialect.

Looking down & finds a glowing needle.



And his head flies into space. OFF.
Tries to hold it down and walk.

Lets go of his head and it flies away.